the acceptance

The acceptance


In the dark, narrow road a horse followed him like a starving dog

Its rib cage was showing, and the horsey face had the sad look

Of one unable giving vent to the eternal grief of being a burden.

He walked into the church found a confession boot and began

Talking, as he did a strange light filled the boot and he understood

Everything, without consciousness he would not be human,

Only like a psychopath who feels nothing and has no emotions.

Lifted by the revelation and said aloud: “I’m a human being.”

The burden was left behind the horse had gone he was forgiven

 by his acceptance of being a humble person who did the best he could

 in the journey through life.



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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 10th Oct 2019 13:08

I think it's confessional booth. I really enjoy your style Jan I can feel a real depth to your observations of life.

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