' real ' out of mind experience

yesterday for the first time in my life

I really, really sensed being in the atmosphere of another place

as well as being where I was at the time

but I can't describe how it felt

though I can say it had a wonderful, wonderful feeling to it 

yes, two places at the same time

the there and then and that strange beautiful 

deep elsewhere

the second one as real as the first

it only lasted a few spiritually enhancing moments.

I won't swear or curse in any way about it ending

because it was too ecstatic a memory despite its shortness

to cast aspersions on.


If only there had been some part of my mind

that could have retained the effect it had on me

so I could relive it over and over again


don't suppose there's any harm in trying to recapture it

that instance of amazingly bringing the words in the poem I was writing at the time to life 

that momentary excursion to some kind of heaven and back.


( a WOW! happening and having truly nothing to do with drugs or drink. )


Wheres deja-vu when you need it!? 

◄ child's death in black and white

abandoned declination of a stately house and gardens ►


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Don Matthews

Wed 16th Oct 2019 14:56

Rose it's Thalia here (Don's Muse)
Don't ever think you nut job
That title I would use for Don
(Don't tell him Rose I said this....)

He can, and does, oft travel to
Strange places in his mind (as you say)
But he always (eventually) returns to earth/me
Cos I treat him nice, and so kind 😎

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Rose Casserley

Wed 16th Oct 2019 14:24

cheer's muchly Fred and you are right of course. Trev' glad u got the gist. Makes me feel less of nut job 😊

Rose 💋

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Fred Nicholson

Tue 15th Oct 2019 04:38

I get it Rose. Some experiences are outside the realm of words.


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Trevor Alexander

Tue 8th Oct 2019 17:38

One o' them there Eureka moments? Considering you "can't describe how it felt", you gave it a darn good go!

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Rose Casserley

Tue 8th Oct 2019 12:25

thank's ladies and Don. If I had to I could only describe it as being something like a sudden burst of excessive imagination.

Hope it comes back again and stays forever this time 😋

but weird weird weird!

though we as poets can and do travel to strange and wonderful places in our minds, this ' happening ' was literally worlds different

a touch of the X-files methinks

Rose 💋

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Tue 8th Oct 2019 05:30

Ecstasy? I’m jealous! We live for moments like this. Who needs déjà vu by when you have a poet’s pen. We all get to live it again and again! 💕 Fascinating piece Rose. Thanks for sharing❣️

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 7th Oct 2019 18:04

Enjoyed reading about your surreal experience Rose. How did you get to there, was it through Meditation?

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Don Matthews

Mon 7th Oct 2019 14:45

Sounds like deja-vu.....

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