A tiny ant was crossing the kitchen table

I was going to squash it with my thumb,

Hesitated, I thought to let it pass first then kill it.

I was distracted something my wife said

When I looked back on the table, the ant had disappeared.

Our life is like this, say; you set sail at sunset

Then you have to turn back the dog is at home

The boat is fastened you walk home

And since it is dark decide to sail in

The morning. In the night a storm blows hard

the ship is smashed into winter wood.

Just a fluke you might say, or was it?



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M.C. Newberry

Sun 6th Oct 2019 16:14

I'm familiar with ants here even though my flat is on the second floor!
They troop in from the window frame and along a wall ledge to
roister around on my sink unit. I don't mind the few but when they
get mob-handed, I say "enough" and get busy with my weapon of
mass destruction aka my kitchen sponge. I have an aversion to administering death but
they seem impervious to persuasion to refrain from these invasions and drastic action is the only answer when numbers exceed the accommodation they seem to expect!.

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