Fox and THEY

THEY said ' it should be killed '

THEY said ' it is vermin '

those thoughtless, soulless statements sicken me.


Surely at some childhood days in woodland point 

in their now, adult cruel minded days

THEY must have been privileged enough to see

the sudden coming out from undergrowths

of that magnificent fiery coloured vulpine


surely their pulses would have been quickened

their eyes magically, more than momentarily transfixed

by the beautifully gifted human and animal exchange of stares?


wouldn't THEY then ( then ) have afforded its appearance

as being lordly at least if not kingly

with a right to roam its realm

randomly paw printing its signature wherever?

for those wanting to know its reign remains


though it isn't mystical it does have a spirit

like me and you

yet another one like so many of its wild kind

that THEY should have no fucking right to play god with!        



◄ prima in waiting

of a snuffing out ►


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Rose Casserley

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:19

and cheers bigtime M.C. for the reminder! am I to take it that you won't be composing a foxy contribution? 😅

appreciate your time taking discussions dude.

Rose 💋

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:05

OK Rose - pax? Now it's back to National Poetry Day and its
meaning for our love of writing and sharing.this great form of

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Rose Casserley

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 15:02

I did mention its need to survive in any indiscriminate way it can, thereby being in part agreement with you M.C. and with the greatest of respect Ruths comments or Walt Disney films have no real bearing on my opinions of us trying to find some answer so that we can have the right to address ourselves as fair-minded human beings and not killers of so many living things just for the sake of killing.

Rose 💋

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 14:43

I've a sneaky feeling that Ruth's "baby" comment has relevance in
this context. And Walt Disney films maybe?
Let us never lose the awareness that the fox is yet another animal among many with no regard for human emotions or sentiment.
Would we be so emotive about hunting rats - an admirably
adaptive survivalist down the centuries? Somehow,I very much doubt it. But perhaps it had better not be done on horseback!!..
Right - off my soap box!😔

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Rose Casserley

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 14:10

high five'd and fist-bumped agreement Trev'

M.C. very interesting and widely, ranging comments, all in all, it is not an easy situation to deal with, but nevertheless does it mean that in order to eradicate it from our already and growing and far more important list of social problems that we must exterminate this creature and if so where do we draw the exterminating line and according to whose ruling?

If people in the rural, and city areas cannot take sufficient measures to make their vulnerable properties more impregnable and guard against this animal's need to survive in any indiscriminate way it can, then whose fault is that?

It is no good erecting shoddy hen house fencing etc or leaving house doors unattended so that anything or anybody ( rats, cats, dangerous dogs, burglars, child snatchers etc etc ) let alone foxes enter at will and then making them in particular the only problem to whinge about.

As I say, a difficult situation to deal with all round, but that is as far as my sympathies go. Of course we must remember there are a lot of financial benefits to be gained by the rural communities who support this grisly trade/ sick sport.

Only a cold hearted person could stand by listening and watching a screaming animal being torn to pieces.

Lucky you Ruth! I hope you had your camphone handy, that would have been a fab photo!

Jen' pink or red, I think it should be brown to match the colour of what is inside the heads of these tallyhoing ' sportsmen '

Martin, with people like you adding inspirational fuel to the flames my fire will stay burning

Don, ' it seems I'm now in ' dude! you have never been 'out' Oh 😎yes indeedy!

Lisa and Avishek 👍👍 mucho!

thanx all!

Rose 💋

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Don Matthews

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 09:31


Rose she will never
Ever lose her fire
She says 'dude' to me
10,000 down wire

It don't even fizzle
On it's way down
Just proves her inferno
Is built not to drown

It seems I'm now 'in'
I'm now 'big time dude'
Seems I've been promoted
Despite being skewed

You must be doing something right?.........

Aussie charm.....


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Martin Elder

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 08:35

Hey Rose
good to see you haven't lost any of your fire girl !
Nice one

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jennifer Malden

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 20:20

Nice! It's pink coats not red, if anyone cares!


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Ruth O'Reilly

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 18:33

Loved this, and you're quite right I have experienced that mystical soulful stare from a baby fox actually. Absolutely beautiful.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 17:25

A subject that seems to arouse powerful emotions for various
reasons. Here's another point of view to "stir the pot".
I'll declare a distant interest insofar that when we lived in the countryside my elder sister "rode to hounds". As such she wore
a black hunting jacket. Red is worn by the official huntsmen.
The origins of fox-hunting go back centuries and were part of the
rural unsentimental attitude to life, human or animal. Songs and
countless pubs feature its presence down the years. I wonder how
many generations of the latter were called The Fox and Hounds?
The fox is an animal that is now to be found in the city and suburbs (I can bear witness here in central London) - and is reputed to be responsible for disappearing moggies and even
attacks on unattended infants. A previous reputation for decimating hen houses, killing far more than it could take away, is already well known to country dwellers. Its facial characteristics have the hunter's "ahead only" setting of the eyes that chimes
with human sensibilities, like those of a domestic dog for example.
But no dog needs human encouragement to chase after any
fox. Nature takes no prisoners, it seems, and it is humanity alone
that can suggest modifications to its "red in tooth & claw" reality
and how it should be perceived and dealt with within the parameters of human social behaviour.and its connection with the activity of the animal world that is just as able to adapt to
circumstance but minus the restrictions of human "morality"..



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Trevor Alexander

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 17:15

Just makes it more apparent that THEY are the vermin - perhaps we should hunt THEM!

Spot on, as usual Rose.

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Rose Casserley

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 16:29

and I like and thank you so much for your comment Don as much as I hate those red-coated MF's who call hunting these magnificent creatures!

I put them all in the same class as all of those who will not be happy until the whole animal kingdom is wiped off the face of this suffering planet.

cheer's bigtime dude!

Rose 💋

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Don Matthews

Wed 2nd Oct 2019 16:22

I like your use of the language Rose......😎

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