rumbling in the night

Rumblings in the night


I was trying to write the words on the screen turned

into spatter of blood, darkness descended

A woollen mass pressing me down, I screamed

Of fear and my brother came and laid beside me.

A young woman. who had been thrown out of her?

Uncle’s house came with a tray of bacon & eggs

I grabbed a piece of bacon, but the woman said

It was not for me but my brother because

He had been dead for many years and therefore

Must be hungry.

I went into a Chinese restaurant where the owner

Shouted “table for one” I don’t want a table like

To see the men” no need he said it is all the same

With different sauces “Table for one!”

I couldn’t find my way out; there were many doors

leading into coolers where cooks had committed

Suicide in memory of Anthony Bourdon.

Finally, I found a door out the led me to freedom

Where nature was unworldly and my brother

Said: did you know if you are on a spacecraft and

Pass all the planets behind you. The emptiness

Will turn into a purple fog and before you know it

Will you be back to your living room?

Table for one, the owner of the Chinese shouted.

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