trying to sleep

 Trying to sleep

I will lie down make no fuzz think of nothing

And relax, the past is a foreign country no need

To go there, it is like raking yesteryears leaves.

So, you feel hungry too late to get up now anyway

No food will not kill you have diabetes shut up go

Sleep, and before you know it a nice girl will serve

Breakfast…oh yeah!

Try not to remember any jokes you brother told

it was thirty years ago back then you laughed

At things that are not funny now.

Can you think of an example, (shut up and sleep!)

We found older adults funny the way they walked,

And you think that was funny?

No, not know that I’m old and walk funnily too.

Well, I don’t think much of your sense of humour.

Are you upsetting to me now? No, shut up, sleep!

“tell me a story, tell me a story before I go to bed

You promised me you said you would…”

A bit of a song I heard.

◄ another sleepless night

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