another sleepless night

Another sleepless night


A went back in time litany of failures

What I wanted to do I never did

My happiest time was when living alone

In the interior of Algarve

I walked with my dogs in the woods had

Learned conversation with an oak

While the dog chased rabbits.

Six happy years what more can a man ask.

Turbulent water ahead I drank too much

The dog died, and my loneliness became a burden

Pressing me into apathy.

Well, life became tolerable again,

but my contentment was never the same.

My old house is standing there unsold

It is my life raft should the hard time arrive and

The ship sinks in a storm cast.

I live in another town it will do for now and

I’m too tired to move again, I know from experience

Wherever I go, I will meet myself in the doorway.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 28th Sep 2019 16:05

I agree with Tom. Solitude is a state of mind as well as a state of
And there's this to be said for times that are past,
Whether good or bad, they never last.
But life goes on, with much to do,
Offering the chance to start anew. 😐

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Sat 28th Sep 2019 13:00

I enjoyed this Jan. There's something romantic about solitude, for a while. Thanks for sharing.

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