Off beat poetry

When the sun goes down

He rises to sit on his throne

As the darkness engulfs the light

He devours the serenity and purity

Leaving behind stench and ugliness

He gains power through wickedness

All who follow stand in a row

Taking alms of filth and corruption

Spreading havoc and disdainful acts

Enjoying the drinks that loosens mind

Sniffing and puffing doses of insanity

As the night grows thick and black

More corrupters lustfully wander

Looking for preys whom they can cheat and deceive

A game of love, trust which turns opposite

Leaving behind dismay and disbelief

Creating more evil partners reading evil mantras

The statue of demons are blackwashed

Offerings of blood and gluttony made

Promises to create crafts of darkness

Shades of grey and black are sprayed

Slowly winding up their fetish tasks

As darkness is slowly engulfed by huge star

◄ sticky I and a messy U

Chosen one!! ►


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Sun 22nd Sep 2019 12:54

But I keep monitoring my thoughts whike doing the task. I take every precaution to feed the right, correct, decent, positive knowledge bank. At times your subconciously saved data through movies, serials, articles or simple converation gets reflected in your works too. Mind and brain are definitely great storage and retrieval banks.

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 07:18

Yes, I always let my mind go free and see what it brings back. The words of one of my poems come back 'unleashed, unfettered, unchained'. Let do this, the mind will surprise you with unexpected surprises.. Most of my work you could say is due to 'mind-ad lib' away. Now ain't that an unusual way to put it?

As Jennifer Masterson says (and I've repeated it often) "The next time your mind wanders follow it around for a while"

Here's to unleashing our minds Do....

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Sun 22nd Sep 2019 03:57

Thanks Don. I'm sometimes surprised to write something which i thought never existed in the confines of my mind. There is a certain unexplored, untouched domain within the brain which functions absolutely on its own when given the freedom to speech.

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 02:27

Interesting....there's more to you than meets the eye.....

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