sticky I and a messy U

I'm the madness that he craved for

although different mindsets, yet hearts' the same

souls drifting apart as off melting iceberg floats

indented coastlines of the cerebral plain

could hear the music that rings in my very head

or the lyrics that thereby dwells

who it could that dance to the tunes we play

aren't we lovely just melting away

round the trees and over the winning sprees

the edges blunt yet the knife does cut

the heart into layers for icing done

the cherries over the cake as we do lay

in a rush to gulp our lovely day

what do you think the birds do sing

after the rains fell and sun glitters everywhere

to outshine every litlle sparkle that does display

a briliant show of iconic dancing all the way

through the hills, down the vales 

amidst the mulburry trees and grasses green

we like children sing and dance and we do play

a ladder up the sky with the heights arrayed

only if we could make it past the clouds

to feed our hungry eyes

the heaven that lay beyond

the blue coloured aisles

could we just ring the door bell for the angel to peep

only to run away as fast as we could

playing a game that we always did in childhood

scaring the neighbours and yell is all they could

laughters and mirth all the way

down the stream over the greens

lying almost naked swimming in the nearby pool

every friend could run away with our dresses and have a funfilled evening

the pics of old now do relate

the told and untold tales that i do relate

elated and beyond the birth of happy evenings

i ain't yet ready to sing the epic rising

marching onto the lands as if soldiers on war

the little space ships we had that could only float

giggles and smirks, funny and shrewd

some friends were happy others were rude

even so we were all just friends as we are even today

but the soulmate connection never built up anyway

untill he came in my very life

to swing me beyond the happy skies

like a kite i did fly through the dark blue skies

enjoying the journey only to cry

tears often blinds my vision and memories tears me apart

only if he could realise the harm he has done

if i were a boat i would unhook myself

and float towards the land where you anchored

i can go on with this maddening tale

for the words are flowing cause the hurt is overflowing

but i do need to take a pause

and stop where I sticks by the letter you

in a sentence that is I love You

◄ My one true love always!!

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