Directions and choices*

Hurt and pain are feelings intense

The more you feel them excruciating they seem

Avoiding and neglecting such emotions high

Is the only therapy that works for old and wise


Leave these negativities of life as they are

For one goes another sneaks its way another hour

Brooding over things that weren't in control

Didn't seem to go right as plans on roll


The winds of time suddenly changes direction

What once was your sadness is drifted as old action

A sudden wave of splendurous happiness hits your shore

Embarking you on a surprise trip to lands beautiful for sure


The failed situations are replayed in memories old

Creating turbulence over the sea of peace and gold

Before the rising tides of anxiousness engulfs you completely

Be on guard and bulid the strongest embankments perfectly


Those who lay their worries in the hands of Gracious lord

For them their is no fall but always the angels their deeds applaud

A faint hearted person finds every silly reason to sulk and demolish his fortunes

But a mighty knight prepares well and builds up a life warding off misfortunes

◄ Sachcha moti💑

HIJAB (Headscarf) ►


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