The stones will speak of it
through phones that unclog
static sounds – and yet for
now the images of hungry
lions leashed upon the open
cells where wait inside the
half-starved men and woman
claiming Christ the only King.
I searched the sky to see if I
could find the answer there of
mortals doomed to die in what
they saw as valiant ways to lift
their souls to prophets of their
day and live on in an after world.
The churlish of us are inclined
to disagree such inhumanity had
taken place and see us in a world
which fell to happenstance and
yet such atrocities had occurred –
happening here beneath the
very ground my feet had walked
upon some years ago where those
gladiators jousted to the end and
had the crowds baying for more gore.
What little good it does to talk of
matters hidden in the folds of time
is not for me to say – each dog must
have his day is what the fundi says
but Spartacus lives on into our times
a man who beat the clock and had
Roman hordes clambering for their
get-me-out-here chariots of fire.
(No intention to offend occurred in
constructing any part of this poem
as Diana, goddess of the times,
may undoubtedly, with zest agree)




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keith jeffries

Fri 20th Sep 2019 21:49

A poem which brings together many strands of our humanity and those aspects which affect our own existence.
Thank you for this

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