Acceptance comes naturally

When things perceived firmly

What others say, holds no sway

Insincere friend has hollow words to say

Sincere friends repeats the hurting truth to dismay

Acceptance comes gradually 

When words, destiny and perceptions all become same

Wicked man says, he shall not return, even if he does, it shall never be for the dumb lass

Dumb girl doesn't believe his words

After months of waiting patiently

A sincere friend of his repeats the same theory

He will never return, for he had no plans with a dumb lass ever

Acceptance falls as a fatal blow to dying notions 

Tears well up and trickles down the ugly emotions

Broken, hurt and finally dismantled feelings find its grave

Life is such, sometimes the heart doesn't accept

what the eyes and mind already perceived and know for sure

Acceptance from a dead heart grows no fondness anymore

The dumb lass is running a race to recover soon

This recovery may take its forever moon

Acceptance, a truth but a fatal tribute!!!


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Thu 19th Sep 2019 17:48

Chapters closed are never read again
People gone shall never be back again
Trust lost can never be repaired
Life is short, never waste on empty promises
Whatever will be will be, future is in God's hand
And that sufficeth for me

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 17:46

Ruth.....that was enlightening!! Will of God prevails!! Always.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 19th Sep 2019 16:53

Liking the re emerging devious friend of your love interest, he reminds me of Iago in Othello really, better watch him like a hawk!

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 15:11

No betryals
No broken promises
Only an imaginary story
Now a dream broken
A silly female's
Realization and awakening

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 15:09

Ridiculously broken
Ridiculously pained
A ridiculous life
a ridiculously insane life
Of a ridiculous female

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 15:07

The true love of life
Turns out to be an imagination
A myth, a lie and a farce
Crooked minds deplorable tale
Trying to live an imaginary fairytale
A story of errors and of mistakes
It sure hurts and does pain
But destiny chose these ugle stings
The thorns that bore outta silly love pain

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