birth of memory's death

" not sure " he said.


It was his birthday

and I,

hoping he would not have forgotten

had put him to the test

another one he had failed.


He is beginning to see nothing

except, shadows

that hide his;





and ( my ) christening day past


those that Mum has in photograph albums


of their two of a kind lovers years together

in so many snapshots

that we all look at as often as possible


how I wish the people in different picture's 

especially those his younger self is seen with

could shout out loud REMEMBER! REMEMBER!

and help him come out of the shadows

reduce his failures and fill in the blanks.  


( not personal by the way )



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Rose Casserley

Fri 20th Sep 2019 16:36

and the scary thing is guys, is the not knowing who when and where it will strike next. Such a terribly unpredictable disease.

my deepest thank's to Ruth, Jason, Candice, Adriana, KJ, Des, Jon, Avishek, Mae, Jason, branwell, and Ruth.

Rose 💋

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Candice Reineke

Wed 18th Sep 2019 22:49

Beautiful, Rose. After reading, I feel a deep ache for those who suffer memory loss, but even more so, for those who have to watch it happen to a loved one.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 18th Sep 2019 22:35

Really good Rose, I resonate with this especially hard.

J. x

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Ruth O'Reilly

Wed 18th Sep 2019 22:29

It's Alzheimer's Awareness week and this sums up the topic perfectly. A very moving piece Rose.

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Rose Casserley

Wed 18th Sep 2019 16:26

thank you, Mae thank you, Jon, very much.

Rose 💋

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