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Pushing out into the wilds.
Beyond all sense through the blue.
Following new paths .
A surge upwards towards the light.

Between reasons....drifting seasons.
Snow and ice to pull on skin....
Abrasive .....a slow corrosion. 
No man’s land for the taking.

These are the frontiers that we must bridge. 
This is the year that the walls will tumble.
On this we advance to change everything.
To fight to hope we sing.
In faith and glory for the coming king.

A mercy March through treacherous lands...
Many fall and many give way to disease. 
Onwards to a glorious sky.....
Somewhere the innocent die
Bound to death like a tender kiss...
In search of redemption, heavenly bliss.

Finally and definitely. 
Raising flags that whip and cut 
Victory for the meek.
A bitter sweet surrender that numbs us all....
Finding home in a pagan place...
Time to meet our maker face to face.

Under crimson cloud we rest.
Crushed by the weight of loss and love.
Holding on with gnarled hands....
Waiting for the night to swallow us.
To sleep to dream of never ever.

Tomorrow will rise....
There will be much sorrow.
Yet a hope and a promise of peace.
The future will shine like treasure. 
And I will love you again. 
You will hold me in your arms.
I will be home in a world with no frontiers. 



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