I have lately been contemplating taking my life

The question is, how?

I live on the seventh floor with a veranda

The falling is not bad I shudder by the impact

Also, upsetting people.

A shotgun in my mouth blowing my brain out Is too ghastly,

 Ernest Hemingway did it shoot himself

Blood and gore all over the place.

A 22-calibre pistol should do it, but I dislike


To take a handful of pills will not do I would

Throw up and sweat profoundly.

I wish there were an injection that made me

Disappear from the face of the earth.

No funeral

No flowers

Few tears

Only an enduring question

Where the hell did, he goes?


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<Deleted User> (22180)

Sun 15th Sep 2019 11:10

Hi Jan,

In a movie called the Discovery a scientist finds a proof of afterlife. That results in thousands of people commiting suicide.
I guess there is a reason we don’t know.


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