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I chose to sit in this find an empty room.A comfort to cling hold of.Safer than being happy and giving in.... To your your forgiveness.

A blackness that prevents any feelings. Deep inside my sinking head. No longer accepting that there’s any hope. And watching a world float by. Full of nothing....just imitation well being. It makes me so overly sick to see it Take it away and give me the brutal truth. Perhaps then this darkness will be home. Its sadness will enthral my inner bitterness.

And I’ll kill any light that tries to invade. So then I’ve reached the point of no return. When giving up and going on are both the same. A life not worth living anymore. Stop this loving that is so typically shallow Like a virus that takes us all in. Poison to the very core of all humanity.

To feel is to hate, to trust is futile. All is lies.....under my blackened skies Falling down to the gutter of relief. Splitting skin and everything within. A pain of release ....death a mere conclusion. Breathing fumes to digest my filth. The rags of all I’ve ever been. I’m sinking.....and I’m listening to the endless shame that’s spoken over me. I see your eyes and hate your mercy.


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