It is my favoured walk – the

one that takes me from St John’s

towards the Mapledoram route

which I traverse on foot and wonder

at the scenic seasonal views – for

autumn now begins to stir and

berries line the brambled boughs in

thickets by the water’s edge and

jam makers appear with jars in

hand to crop the bounteous fare

which beckons all to share their

wishful portions of it to their fill

and dogs thrill too that toddle

by their keepers sides and dunk

themselves in cooling water only

to emerge and shake themselves

to dry their hairy coats – as now and

then a boat appears or barge, which

chugs along, and skippers see a

mirror image of themselves upon

the surface of the rippling water’s

face and know there’s grace in what

they seek to do in nature’s view.

How many times I’ve passed this

way I couldn’t say, but wish the joy

of what I’ve seen could be arrayed

for ever in my mind. And yet I wonder

at the goings on at dusk when hidden

creatures come to ferret out a life

and scurry in the undergrowth to

outwit owl or predator who seek

their ready meals encased in fur.

I also wonder at the views the night

owl sees upon its lofty perch – before

it launches off to seek its prey. Today,

I saw a sinuous snake that slithered

from the greenery and dropped into the

darkened water’s face and swam away.

And on the roadside’s edge a 100 yards

away I saw a roadside kill - a roe deer

which had crossed a busy road too late.

How cruel it seemed to meet that fate

perchance when off to keep a date.



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