Death of a Flame.

Two hearts.

One sky.

Two souls. 

You and I.


One moon. 

Four young fists.

Two Lips.

Long lasting kiss. 


Once a flame, now a smoldering blaze lasting long after the sunrise.

Throw your matches into the fire, take that chance and pray they won't burn out.

Run with me beyond reality and back. 

Hold my hand and pull me headfirst into the oblivion of us. 

Tell me stories of your past that you've kept inside. 

Love me hard in the most innocent way. 


As the flames rose higher, the storm clouds above us let loose a raging storm. 

A storm neither could survive. 

We tried to stay afloat and make it to shore, but there was no use in trying. 

In attempt to fight for you I tossed out my life preserver but you wouldn't take it. 

You dove under the waves. 

What I thought would be endless summer nights ended with;


One sky 

Four painful words. 

 One more kiss. 

Two times the hurt. 


Two broken hearts. 

 One stifled flame. 

One last goodbye. 

You and I. 



~The Farm


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Rose Casserley

Sat 14th Sep 2019 13:56

loved the whole poem Itsjust' especially the opening and last two stanzas.

Rose ?

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