Desires (part II)

I dream to be flying free

Over distant lands and sea

Roaming around in unknown streets

Exploring countries and wild trees

The forest dense and constructed sites

Discovering people and their unique lifestyle

A sudden urge to break the boundaries

And visiting places that my heart desires to see

World is beautiful with its beauty strewn around

Picking up pieces and making memories to abound

Life is precious, time is constricted, have to meet up at the earliest

Lovely faces and delicious cuisines, clothes different and houses screened

A trip i to make from one place to another state

Imbibing much and leaving traces behind

Tracks indellible and paths unexplored

Mapping a chart to explore the earth's roads

Flying across the mountains high and oceans deep

Sailing through sandy tracks on camels back

A certain tan and mix of pink

Attaining shades from my ventures roaming

A fellow traveller of the taste similar

Hopping on and boarding the ships familiar

Exploring together and experiences shared

A journey worth travelling from poles to equators gates

◄ Happy birthday dear You!!!

Pen!! ►


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