unforgettable underdogs aka real human beings ( a just HAS TO BE for all on WOL )

mule regarded enslaved human victims

wrists, necks, scraped red

from lifetimes iron cuffed and collared

tear cryers, sweat pourers

black boys, black boys to men

black girls, black girls to women

daily whipped captives

never an end to pain for them and theirs

coming from a very long bloodline of others

mistreated in the same beast of burden way

enforced cane cutters

kept under a constant cruel profiteering eye

barely surviving a sore skinned aching back ravaged existence

sole purposed to sugar, white men's cups

fatten their ships holds, stomachs and pockets

they, having ignorantly passed the ensuing parcel of guilt onto our today's

so many that we descendants of shameful actions

must go on carrying, unwrapping 

making sure there will never be any more places left

for them to be swept under dying memories carpet.




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Rose Casserley

Thu 12th Sep 2019 15:00

Trev, if you mean the Stones track, yes I have but can't see the connection dude? ta though muchly ?

WonderfullY informative as ever M.C. your additional provisions of insight are always very useful morsels-indeed!

Thank's both, Do.Rothy, Jason, and Des.

Rose ?

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 10th Sep 2019 15:29

History teaches us that slavery (human bondage) has been with
us - across the globe - for centuries. It is essentially about putting
profit and power over others above love and respect for our fellow
human beings. One might understand under pressure the actions
of an atheistic culture for their cruelty and disregard but it remains
impossible to excuse lands where the primary world religions
exist and teach us to fear God and love our fellow man. But, sadly,
religion - like politics - can manipulate its "truths" to suit a purpose!
That said, if memory serves me correctly, bondage was lawful until very recently in the North African country of Mauretania. And we
still learn of it in its modern forms among those in the "emerging"
world - at home and when moving abroad. .

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Trevor Alexander

Tue 10th Sep 2019 15:18

Absolutely, Rose. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of "Brown Sugar"!!

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Rose Casserley

Tue 10th Sep 2019 14:08

absolutely Leon, thank you.

Rose ?

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Tue 10th Sep 2019 14:07

An, ' HAS TO BE ' is right Rose, we all must never forget.

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