twilight verbosum

dimly lit before dusk, i sharpen my wit on my entropy bestowed husk

my volcano glass heart pumps through my black ice veins

headless horseman with, lumps of coal ahead, hanging off of his reins

so many gifts, treats tilting out, self slain while ego remains

the moons silhouette looms in the daylight as the sun rays;pulling me deep into my worst of days.

frozen comets and craters, displacing placement, hunkered in my space bunker

the ground opens and tapers, no spacial tracing, horcrux trunk sunken

cosmic octopi ink scatter and shut out stars, their aim, retreating into their fabric of space left ajar

spaceship wreck over oceans of darkmatter, water giants scavaging for davey jone's locker

magnetic electron orbitals gathering inertia, black holes predisposed, loopholes in a quantum field

the advent horizon drags me into drear, a home away from home, cold cosmic eggs bartered for

for tenfold.

as i claw into the icecaps, angler fish drawn to my bucket arc through respective wavelengths

gulps of warm air excavate finding me at my center, solar marks deflected by arctic strengths

oxygen molecules displace, the fire i've placed in my heart; for this icy nourishment i give thanks.


at my core i stake many moons, i find tranquility in the middle of a vineyard; the fairer sex hath my head in a bind

elementals and golems spark thought without the shadow of a doubt

lady luck never on my side she probably resides within probable odds

i handpick her a vause, and throw my light aloft, stuck in animation casting regeneration unto vegetation

black clouds loom: the yin to my yang

and water her warm heart.




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