Flight of fantasy!!

Gliding amidst the water green

Where purple leaves are strewn

Floating over the ice of cream

Dripping through the rays of sun

Chocolates and strawberry plums

Flying my way across the yellow sea

A flight of extreme ecstasy

Through hills of golden glow

And plateaus almost hollowed

Lakes of silver fishes large as whales

Bats swimming across the narrow lanes

The air all hazy and mists of rosy dew

Strawberries blue growing on pavements low

Crystal maze of prism black with white as snow

It's a rocking flight through fantasies numbered more yet few


◄ Castle of love!!

Frozen!! ►


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Tue 10th Sep 2019 13:01

Thank you Devon, Adam and Afish!! 🌷

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Sun 8th Sep 2019 15:53

Come glide and float with Dorothy
You'll be amazed at what you'll see.
Thank you dear D

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Adam Rabinowitz

Sun 8th Sep 2019 06:42

This is beautiful and imaginative
I love the phrase the ice of cream.

Devon Brock

Sat 7th Sep 2019 16:55


I really enjoy how each image in this poem contains a surreal and wonderful surprise. A joy to read. And I am sure it was a joy to conjure.


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