Fast Forward

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Step into  the light....
See the real truth.
The writing that’s on the wall.
Trouble times ahead for us all.
Burning trees to feed the nations
Polluted skies that hide the lies.
The greedy masses who just don’t  care. 
The fate of the planet in careless hands

So cry to your gods for your eternal salvation.
Dare to hope that those cries will be heard
Absolution for this world's wrong doing.
Forgiveness for the destruction of mother Earth.
A chance to heal the poison of revolutionary days.
A sunset beyond the carbon dioxide haze.....
and yet there are tears from every nation.
Teardrops fall and the acid corrodes our skin.
Youthful faces washed away by all of  man’s poison. chemical bliss. Not understanding any of this

Now fast forward and there’s nothing.
No Forrest. No water. No life. A barren land. Wasted and ruined. 
Dead and buried along with any love that was left in the end. 
A desert with no end. A wild wind to ravish.
Lost forever......paradise is dead.



destroying the planet

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keith jeffries

Sat 7th Sep 2019 14:32


This is one of the best poems I have read on the environment and the consequences of our lack of stewardship in regard of creation. Well written and well put together.
Thank you for this

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