Castle of love!!

I'm building the castle of our love

Unlike the one's built long ago

Neither a replica nor a shadow

It's a architecture strange for world

You may explore walking down it's corridors

The huge lush green garden with vicious trees

Mystic atmosphere lurking around its periphery

The gates are large built of metals strong

It's not iron but something better than this

The enemy can't invade nor break in anyway

Angels as guardians deployed at every risen bar

Chariots of gold studded with precious stones

Riding it the knight of honour brave and stronger

Soldiers to follow the orders claiming knights power

King of castle knighted by God his bravest soldier

Following the commands true implementing God's rule

His words shall sway from both wests and easts grey

Reorganizing the order spreading perfection all over

The castle of love truly built for spreading love

Across the borders, onto the lands further and farther

The job isn't over, the ships not embarked forever

Thethis blue surrounds the castle's brown hue

Claiming victory defeating the monsters weak and ugly

The knights of honour valiant and victorious

Marching with fame and glory proclaiming God's victory

The castle of love built by God for you and me

◄ Memories for rest of my life!!!

Flight of fantasy!! ►


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Sat 7th Sep 2019 14:48

Thanks Ruth!!🌷

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 7th Sep 2019 13:50

Nice imagery of a fantasy that line 'neither a replica or a shadow' really creates that sense of authenticity to the love your metaphorically building

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