Jacob's ladder

Jacob’s ladder


God had a summer house

In a private cloud, he needed a house painter

Jacob took the jo, and the deity sent

Down a ladder and it was a long climb for Jacob

He was met by God, who wasn’t sure which colour

He should choose, the painter looked around

And suggested light mahogany colour it would

Give God a feeling of adventure in and otherwise

Pleasant environment.

God liked the idea and sent a couple of angles

To fetch the paint.

It took the painter two days to do the job and

He got hungry asked for food, and the deity said

We usually don’t eat up here, but nevertheless

Sent an angel to find Jacob a burger.

When returning, he was blessed by God, for that

He was thankful but asked for money as he had a wife

and children to feed.  Of course, God said I understand

And gave Jacob 4 gold coins which value could buy a bank

And he did and become the founder of a dynasty.

Going down took long as you can imagine walking

Downwards on a ladder is stressful but he made it

And lived to tell the tale.

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