Noongar Rage - sometimes sorry is not enough

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You … Wodgulla … Mob! You … Wodgulla … Mob!

Our land, our culture, our dignity robbed

Terra Nullius … Nobody’s land

Oh, how we’ve suffered at your Wodgulla hands

You … Wodgulla … Mob!



Your colonies came, we bore the brunt

You put prices on our heads for bounty hunts

You chased us down like animals in the wild

Five pounds for an adult and two pounds for a child

You … Wodgulla … Mob!


A princely thirty pounds on Yagan’s head

Which you cut off after shooting him dead

And not content with these atrocities

Pickled his head as a curiosity

You … Wodgulla … Mob!


You gave us poison laced gifts of flour and tea

As we dropped like flies from your Western Disease

The decimation of this Aboriginal Nation

Was no conspiracy! Ask any native Tasmanian ...

If you can find one

You … Wodgulla … Mob!


Captured, incarcerated and locked in chains

You forced us to slave for your ill-gotten gains

You raped, you pillaged, you enslaved, you ravaged

Yet you had the nerve to call my people savage

You … Wodgulla … Mob!


The calculated inhumanity of your darkest sin.

Tearing our children from their kith and kin.

The forced separation for Westernisation

The indoctrination of the Stolen Generations

You ... Wodgulla ... Mob!


Yet you and your Wodgulla mates

Can’t comprehend why I’m so irate

And so full of spite for Seventeen Eighty-Eight

And so full of passion for changing the date


It took you two hundred years to say you were sorry

Don’t be shocked if it takes me two hundred to say no worries

You ... Wodgulla ... Mob!

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trevor homer

Sat 7th Sep 2019 11:10

John, a poem like this travels across continents and rests in places where the internalisation of colonial brutality and predominantly white supremacy continues. This is not a political poem. its a human rights poem - well said. T

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 6th Sep 2019 08:40

I've always told all my boys, "We care for of the weakest first, that's what makes us human." All I can hope is they listen and teach their kids.
Don't misunderstand though, they also know how to look after themselves, because strength is a virtue of it's used wisely.

J. x

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Sep 2019 03:42

As an Australian this is a shameful part of our history. I like the way you have presented it John.

As an Adelaidian, my city, so-called established by free settlers, as compared with convict settlement Sydney, was actually established by slavers with slave money. Few people realise this. Man's inhumanity to man......

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John McDonough

Fri 6th Sep 2019 00:00

Western Australia. A Dutch friend of mine was travelling home from work on the Armadale line, his carriage was full of predominantly white Australians. At the head of the carriage was a middle aged Aboriginal who was in a total rage repeatedly screaming.

"You White C*#%'s" at the occupants of the carriage.

My Dutch friend went on to explain he felt a little upset as he had never done anything to harm the indigenous population of Australia.

I substituted the original insult with Wodgulla Mob on the advice of an aboriginal girl I read the poem to.

I wrote this poem in an attempt to frame the mans anger and as a shameful reminder of colonialism's legacy

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