Richard and Dolly

A simple shopping trip
For kale, of all blessed things;
We turned to find you,
Eyes desperately searching for help
In what you deemed a helpless situation.
For us, it was a simple request
But your gratitude was unmatched.
It seemed like no time
Until kale turned to coffee cake
That we ate for what seemed like weeks,
I can still remember the taste;
Sugary, but not as sweet
As the love you showed for us.
So we continued to make (not enough) time for you
Until time took you both.
Now it is me, eyes desperately
Searching for an ounce of hope
In what I can only see
As a helpless situation,
And I am begging you:
Could you take a moment
To look down and see?
Your light is the only light
That saw ours, please remember us.
We cannot do this alone.

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