It was a memorable and

romantic scene as was

witnessed by the young

merchant sailor lad aboard

his motor vessel Crystal Gem.

This time they were forbidden

to step ashore as once before

Castro and his cahoots team

were kicking off with bombs.

And so he concentrated on

the previous trip when two

hearts skipped a beat – and

passions did what passions

tend to do when kids are in

their flowing gowns of youth.

Of course Castro had his grimy

paws in it blowing up the places

round the docks to underscore

control of people’s lives and

striving for a major role in it.

So when loading was complete,

the moorings freed, and bows

were pointed out to sea, the lad

was summoned to the bridge

and saw his senorita with a sad

faced look about her – and waved

at him a whitened handkerchief

to show her grief – the lad waved

back quite uncertain what to do as

she stood lonesome at the dock.

This image fast framed in his mind

he wonders nowadays how she

might appear now – but somehow

cannot rid the image from his mind




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