Fixed Me

You made me promise
To never become like you
You were far too distant
Darkness was all you knew
For all that you had come to love
Had left you on your own
So you claimed that you were lost
For losing all you'd known.

Then, as I remember,
For I cannot forget
You claimed I was young and naive
Inexpierenced as of yet.
For it was here you seemed to find
The fatalist of flaws -
I trusted just a hair too much
My faith was far too raw.

And finally, you mentioned
When you listened to me speak
That I was Too Intense, Too Much -
I guess I seemed too weak.
So you must have taken it upon
Yourself to see me grow
For you fixed those flaws right up
When you left me on my own.

That innocence was shattered
And that trust forever damned
When I watched you walk away
Without a backwards glance.
Those words I spoke so openly
The thoughts straight from my soul
Dried up and stopped their flowing
When I watched you close that door.

So I supposed you solved all of
Those problems that you found
But as I stop to think about
How my life has turned around,
I broke the only promise
You had begged me to keep true -
For since you put me through this hell,
I have turned into you.


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 5th Sep 2019 16:12

Now that is a little piece of genius, truly.
I don't think you've turned into them by the way, only an open mind can really see itself and only an open, honest heart has the strength to accept what it sees and change what it dislikes. I think you've more than demonstrated that you have both.
Absolutely loved this.

J. x

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