On this beautiful day

I wish to deeply convey

My love and care to you


Hope this new year

Brings lots of joy

And untold happiness


May your family find

Every reason to smile

A year of pleasant peace


This new day has brought with it

A new life for me and for us

To live happily everafter


Join me on a jouney naive

We learn to keep the relations safe

Making them awesome n great


A step you take i shall follow

Making our way together forward

Rewarding us with loving angelic halos


The journey bright and new

On a ship crusing me and you

Floating away exploring views



◄ !!!!

Crippled!! ►


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Sun 1st Sep 2019 12:12

Now that you've packed your stuff Leon.....why don't u go n just meet your some dear relative...dont b disappointed

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Sun 1st Sep 2019 12:08

oh Do.Rothy! I had just packed my cases in anticipation and made spam butties and a bottle of cold tea for the journey! oh well!

Blackpool again! 😭

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Sun 1st Sep 2019 12:05

Hey leon it costs nothing to embark the journey of life. Hv a safe n happy journey ahead !!👍

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Sun 1st Sep 2019 12:04

Thank you Don!! 🌷

Bon Voyage!

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Sun 1st Sep 2019 11:59

I'll gladly join you on that cruise ship Do.Rothy, but how much will it cost you for both of our tickets? 😆

yep, nice poem.

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Don Matthews

Sun 1st Sep 2019 10:36

Nice to see some positivity from wherever you are DoRoThY....

I'll join the journey.....welcome aboard to you too......

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