skake up

     The shakeup/anarchy

The Green party is in power

Not many cars on the streets

Asphalt is removed, cobblestones too.

They are planting trees and vegetables

The motorway is a strawberry field.

I don’t mind, pick fruit as I walk

To the tax office, which shut no one

Is supposed to pay tax anymore.

Airports are farms, planes are forbidden

They pollute too much.

Private hospitals have gone public and

That gladdens my heart equality at last.

Law enforcement and the army have

Also been disbanded they never served

The peoples need.

There is peace in the land and rivers

are full of trout, and

the king is my next-door neighbour.


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Don Matthews

Sat 31st Aug 2019 10:29

Wow. Some break-out ideas here.

Now how can I approach
This new break-out state?
Gotta change my old thinking
A bit any rate

Quantum leap actually....

How do I now travel
200 miles?
No airoplane fly me
Need think for a while

Need a whole lotta thinking before continuing verse......

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