Ska'd for life.

I wasn't born in 1969

but when i hear the music i feel just fine
that infectious Jamaican brassy beat
with my docs on i start to move my feet
what is this music i hear you calling from afar?
that my friend is Bluebeat or two tone ska
the braces are on, am shaving my hair
working on that rudeboy stare
but tonight they be no fights 
as i'm out there jamming to the skatilites!

bob wasn't always a  rasta don't ya know
he once sang a ska ditty called "go jimmy go"
traded into the suits for authentic dreads
rebel power and less fashionable threads
whether you're a disciple of Prince Buster
or a fan of Terry Hall
its No Bad manners here
This music is my love, its a free for all
skanking class,  working class "Beat"

There's too much pressure
But they call it madness out here on the floor
with one step beyond we ask for more more more

Trojan set the scene in the UK
but we gotta show love to STUDIO ONE way back in the day 
wind rush  Jamaican youth
and British working class
formed in a culture that's built to last

It rocks against racism
a unity formed in black and white
and been a skinhead into this scene
means you dislike that skrewdriver shite

so dust off that precious Return of Django '45
and bring that back dancefloor back alive
punks, skins, and attentive ears you all know the drill
And let's take that train

The last train to ska-ville

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Devon Brock

Thu 29th Aug 2019 22:42

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Lisa C Bassignani

Thu 29th Aug 2019 21:37

Kick ass to Ska!
Some of the very best best music came out of Britain from the 60's through the 80's.
The Manchester Sound was always happening for me.

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