Flor de Mai

You were languishing in your supermarket prison,

surrounded by your companions wearing Mexican hats.

Googly eyes pierced their flesh with thick black moustaches,

drooping and glued underneath.

I rescued you and your fellow inmates from your humiliation.

Today, you sit proudly on the studio desk lit by the sunshine.

Your fleshy leaf-like pads have stretched out into the room with cylindrical stems offering up your dusky, pink flowers to the passerby.

Do you dream of the Brazilian coastal mountains, 

the shady, humid shelter of your birth place?

Radiating health in your new home,

you bloom amongst the charcoal and the paints.

blooming healthCactusFlor de Maiplantsrescue

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Jill Ashforth

Mon 26th Aug 2019 21:01

I had to Goggle various cacti until I found my beauty and discovered where she came from. A dusky, exotic beauty.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 25th Aug 2019 20:11

Almost a smiling sigh Jill. And I thought Flor de Mai was a resort in Spain, tush!

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