Gentle activist

Abandon your facts and your placards.
You know as well as I, 
the message isn't getting through.
It will take more than good science and protests
to make a hardened group of people change their minds.

When it comes to politics,
have you ever noticed the focus on changing ideas
when the place we need to start is with the heart?
Sometimes truth needs to be felt, rather than thought -
It takes a special kind of touch to cut through the thick skin of cynics, don't you think?

So don't waste your ink on academic papers if change is what you're after.
It is not a matter of education or imparting knowledge.
Like parchment versus plastic,
the ink will only seep through if we pick the right surface.

Perhaps the best influencers are not lobbyists or scientists,
but artists, musicians, poets.
Gentle activists,
who hold a mirror up to the world
and reflect a truth we try hard not to see.

And who wants to see an ugly picture on a canvas?
If art imitates life, it's best we make it one we'd like to hang on a wall,
where high horses don't dominate a landscape, 
and ignorance does not lead to the destruction of our world.

So pick up your brushes and your guitars
O gentle activists.
It's time to fight a war of hearts to put the world right.
Art and song and poetry will be our weapons,
deployed with vigour on the frontline
to touch the hearts of our enemies.
And if we've fought the battle right,
they'll have our pictures on the walls and be humming to our tune, 
and won't even know a war took place.

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Sun 25th Aug 2019 21:52

Kate G, just had to come back on this, so important.
'If art imitates life ...' - it does and therein is the problem. Yes art also has a huge influence on 'life'. But either way, imitation or influence, it all comes from us and there in is the problem - us. Artists just as much as thinkers (and of course politicians) may also mislead as well as lead. Singers sing different songs, painters paint different pictures and as for poets well they're not always gentle, nor should they be.

Thanks for giving us meat to chew on (apologies to vegetarians ?)

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Don Matthews

Sun 25th Aug 2019 04:32

I have a problem with all this and have expressed it previously in my work. Art, song and poetry will just not work IMO. It's politicians which call the tune. They decide what happens. To me, change only comes about when politicians are 'forced' to do what the people want by a mass people movement led by a strong leader. Until strong leaders (in short supply) rise up to lead the 'repressed-but-frustrated' public, politicians will continue to call the tune and 'dominate'

Thinking art, song and poetry will save the world, to me, is just living in a world of fantasy.

But hey? I love my world of fantasy. As long as you pollies stay away......

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 25th Aug 2019 00:48

Art, song and poetry will be our weapons is a great line

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Adam Rabinowitz

Sun 25th Aug 2019 00:24


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Jason Bayliss

Sat 24th Aug 2019 23:25

Already started mate. So also a, "Yes!" ?

J. x

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Don Matthews

Sat 24th Aug 2019 23:00

I'll add my yes and resounding yes to Devons. But it won't be easy and immediate.

You have a particular way of writing Kate which makes me feel really good. Then why wouldn't you? You're an Aussie......?

And I'm glad you've come back from wandering in the wilderness.....

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Sat 24th Aug 2019 22:52

Seek out your fulcrum the mood is swinging in our favour. It won't happen in a minute.

Devon Brock

Sat 24th Aug 2019 22:38

Yes, and a resounding yes.


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