I used to work with a guy called

Dent whose sister’s name was

Pru – she went off the rails when

she over spent which was hardly

very prudent. Dent went to Kent

whilst Pru cleaned the Gents to

pay off all the debt collectors.

Pru now lives in a caravan and

rues the very day her marbles

went – and Dent lives in a tent

somewhere near Brent – I guess

sometimes these things are what

some people call ‘pre-ordained’

I saw their Bailiff the other day

and he was renting his clothes

with frustration – he was trying

to get all the details down on his

smart phone – when suddenly an

ambulance went whizzing past

it was for Pru who’d got wedged

down one of the loos – now

wouldn’t you just know it and

that’s when the knickers in her

panties lost the elastic – well

she wasn’t very ecstatic about

that - I can tell you for certain –

it was probably the final curtain.

Prudence - not even a hint of it.

Blah blah blah - where's the

nearest bevy bar I need a

few schooners like pronto?



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Don Matthews

Sat 24th Aug 2019 23:15

Wot's that you say?
There's 'ent words in 'ere?
Well blow me down dilly
Let's all have a beer

Wot's that you say?
Be serious Don
Phil's Pru and his Dent
Ain't to be joked on


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