True love isn't a good thing!!

Never fall in love with anyone

Although true love isn't in our hands

It is never an intentional fall

But the pain is excruciating

Better never to fall in this bottomless pit


Never let your heart get attached to anyone

Unless the love is reciprocated never move ahead

It is like dying a million deaths with every pain suffered

And makes no difference to the one who hasn't the feelings same

It hurts, it kills and makes the heart go insane with never ending pain


Ah! If i could rip my heart out and stab all the love with a knief myself

Maybe the painful stabs would lessen the pain of longing and suffering

Love isn't a good thing to have in your heart and soul

It cripples a person making him handicapped lifelong

If i could turn back and restart, i would prefer never to be born

◄ Tired!!

Confused!! ►


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Kate G

Sat 24th Aug 2019 09:47

Dorothy, this was painful to read. Maybe I'm a sucker for pain because there's something divine in the wretchedness it causes. Think of all the poems that would never have been written if it weren't for love.

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Sat 24th Aug 2019 08:23

Thank you Adam, Vautaw, Jason and Lisa......too overwhelming!!💖

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Lisa C Bassignani

Fri 23rd Aug 2019 21:40

True love is INDEED a GOOD THING. True love will never break your heart, only fill it with joy. It is sad, however, when we think it is true love and things turn out to be one sided. True love will always win over all pain and sadness. I fall in love all the time, tho not necessarily in a romantic way. May you find true love, Do.RoThy, and may IT find you.

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 23rd Aug 2019 17:42

It is heartbreaking Dorothy, but as I've said once before,
"Value the story in your scars, pity those that have none."
That being said, I have felt the pain you speak of more than I'd care to remember.

J. x

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Fri 23rd Aug 2019 16:26

Heartbreaking poem Dorothy. “It is like dying a million deaths with every pain suffered.” Powerful verse. I gave up on “true love” a lifetime ago, but the challenge remains for it to not leave me bitter. 🖤 Poetry helps❣️Thanks for sharing, love. 💝

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Adam Rabinowitz

Fri 23rd Aug 2019 15:34

Sounds like the poet does NOT agree with the whole better to have loved and lost bit. It certainly would be nice to be able to choose to not launch into an intersection of hearts. But maybe it's all a trick to get us to write poetry.
The part about it making no difference to the other is probably the most painful and an important line of the poem.

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