What are they like – these

draw-your-attention bells

hare bells – snow bells –

some with fragrance some

without – others have you

wondering such as the bells

chiming at the local church.

Or is it the mechanical bells

that hold most sway - an

ambulance perhaps come

to take you hastily to those

places where medics work

trying hard to patch you up.

Or is it the soundless bells

that kick off in the mind

when entering the danger

zones – maybe a down town

kind of street where weed is

smoked by red eyed kids in

search of revenue for their

next un-relentless thrill and

which bodes ill for hapless

unsuspecting types having

an innocent wander around

the seedier parts of town

and could up with another

capping of a worthwhile life

and the gunner- down, now

destined for a long unhappy

stretch inside the prison gates

awaiting a newcomer, who

smuggles in his crack the

goods (or duds) moments

of imagined escapism - or is

it the funeral bells that chime

at chapels and at church where

on the rooftops pigeons perch

and coo, when someone crosses

to the other side - with just a whiff

or two - of rank putrifying smoke.

You the jury must return your well

considered verdict on the bottom line






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Don Matthews

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 13:02

Golly gosh there Philipos
My head's gone ding-dong silly
Chasing all those bloody bells
Down your poem hilly

I did get so dis/sidetracted
With all so many bells
Just let me lie down, chill out Phil
Sniffing your nice snow bells


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