An offering to the god of WOL, but first........

......I have an impertinent question to ask their ' Royal ' ( ha!) ' Majesties ' ( ha! again )


Ma'am ( ha! ) will you be getting that well-used whitewash brush of yours out yet again ( Diana, hmmm? ) and will ' Prince ' ( ha! ) haha'ing 'ardfaced Andrew be supplying the whitewash? give me a fucking break! no doubt I will be watching you and the other public money abusers walk away from this one as well!  





I walk the last few miles of those years

when times decay has found and dismantled

every tree's burnished leaf fleeces

ending their displays as usual

the sickly fragrances of their deaths hang in the air

exiled and grounded, Autumnal limb-wares crunching underfoot.


In the same distances, low hills sitting squat broody looking, like dissatisfied Buddhas   

as if unhappy at having their green attires whitened by first sleet falls.


Snow banked clouds drift together

forming one single grey-white dirtied sheet.


Wildlife doubtlessly as always

having made hibernating preparations

in readiness for their freezing inheritances

the worms will have taken to the lower warmer levels of earth.

Seasonal amounts of bird loved berries converging in clusters

on hardier branches.

O! what is my heart if it cannot let itself be made heavy with

praises for such defences

against its own cruel beauty! 




◄ That ( occasional ) shit feeling

Stranger and stranger the change ►


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Wed 21st Aug 2019 18:33

M.C. very grateful as I am to you for your comments on the poem, I still maintain ( while respecting your right to believe what you will ) that one way or another truth ( of the seedy kind ) should be forced to the surface instead of being swept under the same old carpet even if it promises to be too damaging-oh! what beautiful tough shit it would be for once on the so-called ' royals ' for the ant-royalists ( as moi ) to revel in.

Jeez! back at you Devman for the approval. Sorry for the ' delay '
Lisa, knowing you from the wonderful way you write, that one word means so much.
And ? Do.Rothy for the ?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 21st Aug 2019 01:48


Devon Brock

Tue 20th Aug 2019 22:45

Jeez, Leon, I need to get to work! Those last three lines summing up the whole. Outstanding!


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 20th Aug 2019 14:44

The lines of Winters Initiations are most
evocative, almost an allegory of human
existence and ageing, in particular the "winter" of old age. Worth
reading a number of times.
I recall the younger Prince having the nickname "Randy Andy". Perhaps his youthful reputation follows him in his maturity - or he
hasn't got beyond it himself? Anyway, innocent until proven guilty -
or something. Otherwise it's more like having your prejudices
confirmed. And I have to admit that he never struck me as a
particularly ;likeable character in his reported attitude to others.
Her Majesty has enough to cope with as it is, watching the way the
world has produced a different set of codes of conduct that she must
find very difficult to compromise with her own "see all, suffer all and
say nowt" upbringing when "duty" was all and personal feelings
were subservient to the perceived wider public good.

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