true story (sort of)

there’s free wifi at the local library.


as I sat reading the online Express,

checking out ‘plenty of fish’ (no messages)

scoping the avenue through

diet club posters on the window,

hoping to glimpse the love of my life

(unrequited) passing by,


(no luck, I must have blinked and missed her)


a local writer, a minor poet

who bore an aura of significance

and a ‘bag for life’ bulging with books

bustled in through the exit door.


he did not notice me.


after laughter at the counter,

‘I’ll see you Tuesday. have a nice day.’


the poet swept out regally,

heading for his bike, a Pashley,

chained up outside Sainsbury’s.


again he did not notice me.


I posted a flirty introduction

to an Okcupid ‘possible’,

logged off and checked the poet’s oeuvre -

two slim volumes, pristine condition,

glowing blurbage on the cover.



date stamps peppered the slip -

seventeen on one,

seventeen on the other,


I placed his anthologies on the counter,

he’s popular - must be worth a gander.’


the librarians shared knowing glances,

one winked and breached a confidence,


‘strictly between you and me,

he tours all the local libraries,

takes out his books on Tuesdays,

brings them back on Saturdays...’


I raised an eyebrow in surprise.


‘...and don’t think he’s the only one.’


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Tue 20th Aug 2019 12:10

Thanks, Ray. As you might see I've altered it quite substantially while retaining key elements - I felt it need tightening. Also added a few colourising bits and pieces

I'm privately pretty chuffed at rhyming 'oeuvre' and 'cover' and 'bore a' with 'aura' ha ha :)

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Mon 19th Aug 2019 20:27

Thoroughly enjoyable almost scandalous in its special way - there's a lightness and naughtiness that reminds me of Alan Bennett. Lovely and un self conscious marks the true writer.



Mon 19th Aug 2019 11:50

Thanks, Cynthia, I wrote this to get out of an arid period. I know the writer in question very well... but lips are sealed ?

Grammar? In my universe I make the rules - some pomes seem to need a spot of insouciance and others require strict adherence - I go witha da flow ?

and insofar as capital letters go - capitals, smaticals :)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 19th Aug 2019 10:48

Absolutely fabulous! I've read it three times already, just in case I missed something. Hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

Do you ignore 'grammar rules' on principle?

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