Origami hawks

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A bowl of water, dip your hands
A bowl of rice, share
We're not going nowhere,
unless we do it as a

Unlearn the violence,
come on, just try it.
Let's get back to being forward
And stop being so formal
about this species, us.
Comparing who has the biggest stick, who can send the next rocket, fuck all that shit
At the wall, spit, spitmask flashback VC1
Being locked in a chair was no fun
but we made it
Even sang karaoke tonight, even though my hands were shaking
Life is rakeing me in, lost in the applesauce asphalt abdomen
Abstract spells and little bells on your wallet
You wrote me a a whole book but couldnt decide what to call it
I fall face first into the worst form of myself, bottom shelf 
Sometimes losing your mind is the only thing that helps
Seaweed and kelp, a vision of self, caught upside down, inside out
About to reroute down south of center mass
Manic biomass bypassing your encryption like science fiction
Find new diction, what we're wishing for is the light to come on
Bringing all the moths and beetles to make their rounds
Gentle crowns of hair, the mysteries under there
Senseless we stumble through another day decluttering everything but what matters
Some things shatter, some stay the same, choose your candle accordingly 
I'll be somewhere with my spider friends, folding paper hawks for good luck

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Alaia vibes

Wed 21st Aug 2019 05:08

Thank you so much!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 19th Aug 2019 10:58

Wow! A reader has to just 'let go' and swim in this morass of words which is hugely inventive and expressive. And intelligent. I hope it's OK to use that word. I think this piece invites many readings.

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