Frayed knot

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Be water, gathering
The scariest knot is a frayed one
Because it's 'fraid of nothing'
Slumpin', back alley blacktop lavalamp
Soft, damp, been raining I guess
The storm came out of the west
tracking sideways
Byways, through the backroad be gone in a second
Just depends on if you wreck it
Nothing can resurrect it, this feeble thing
Bodies gone limp and cold in your eyes
A frayed knot for a heart, playing clarinet over disembowelment
Chewing mint harder than cement
Walking semi circular circles in your garden
We are in, already, you just didn't notice
A lotus floats, a sailor boats, a frog throat explodes
Trying to chain together to many loads
Whole damn thing went off halfcocked
Teeth scraped into the bedrock, limestone kiss
Another flaw to add to a long list

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