If you peep at them now via

the distance of modernity

there is something rather

quaint about the old steam

boats that belched black smoke

through painted funnel tops – or

had salt-caked smoke stacks and

crews ate their hard tack biscuits

in more challenged times like war

Life-boat drills were moments for young

ones like me at the time, and meant scaling

down the lowered lines to lend a hand

where Bosun said – or the officers with

squiggly lines of gold braid on their cuffs

and who lorded it over us rougher types

Of course every ship had a mystery to

reveal – the sailors who perished from

swallowing unauthorised hooch which

had them dying in their droves except

the evidence to back it was quite sparse

although strange knockings on those

bulkheads told of tales of woe from

spirits on the other side – quite where

the other side was, no one really knew

but once the thought was planted in the

mind - all kinds of strange imaginings might

well occur – so some who never even put

a foot inside a church might say a prayer to

beg forgiveness for something they could

not quite get their head around – it was a

kind of ‘take-no-chances’ sort of prayer

with overtones of holy smoke and more

than once a Giggle-fest went kicking off

Please don’t laugh – Neptune could be

watching you even as we speak. Truly.





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Sun 18th Aug 2019 18:55

Desmond - thank you for the ok tick. Glad you liked - blessings P.

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Peter Taylor

Sun 18th Aug 2019 06:20

Hi Philipos, good to meet you on WoL.

I really enjoyed your poem – as Rebecca said, quite a story: interesting and well-written. Thank you.

Peter T

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Don Matthews

Sun 18th Aug 2019 04:48

I'm not laughing. I know to never meddle with a Neptune......?

Seriously - I liked this, especially line 'sort of prayer with overtones of holy smoke'

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Trixie Gore

Sun 18th Aug 2019 04:31

Wow! What a story ~ loved it!

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