Fragments "Unto The Kingdom Of Perpetual Night"

Now the news presenters are like frightened animals we keep as pets.


I've slipped so far below your standards I can't even see you anymore.


She came as a murderer to me killing with pleasure my human innocence.


You can spit in my face but your spitting into the sky.


God is giving birth to deformed angels. The reign of the fallen is close at hand.


The imagination is the most powerful tool one can possess. For all reality is a fiction we appear to be creating.


I am not anything I can percieve. if I was I would not be able to percieve it.


I will ride the ocean as a single wave.


It is not so much a war of good and evil but a war of sanity and madness. Then it's not a war at all. 


No food exists to satisfy my desires.


Turn the world's smiling into the relief of tears.


TV ghost images continue to impose their stamp upon the unconscious.


There must be decay or the flies would starve.


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