optimistically rallying non-defeatist rhyme

Waste of space Mr Johnson

your hopes to win were born dead

so why do you go on butting brexit walls

with your empty straw-covered head?


Can't you see the E.U. is determined to

offer only NO DEAL!

because of you, Britain could become

one huge food banking nation

it's trading life blood's congeal


Though we did not run rabbit run from Adolfs, swastika'd threats

you are gambling 'that' pride away

on your bigtime losing bet.


Our U.K. body must not be allowed to wither

nor our reputation become damaged and mocked by other countries world-wide

it isn't too late to bolt our stable door

the horse of success is still there inside.


Come forth England's politician bowmen

help us repeat an Agincourt type victory

and a Nelsonesque new P.M. to save this sceptred Isle's    

trading armada from sinking into the sea.


For retained is our Battle of Britain Spitfire gritted spirit

forever stored our defiant Dunkirk miraculous will

and Saint George is a-coming sword wielding to make a no-deal dragon kill.


King Arthur is no longer sleeping

he will respond to our call

lead this Desert Rat ghosted country

to where it can again stand proud and tall.


Fare thee well then Great Britain

to those words shall be lent not one single ear

our hearts are RED WHITE AND BLUE!

NOT! the colour of FEAR!  








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Fri 16th Aug 2019 19:34

" when masses rise " if only Don, if only. There again?

Oh, Rose never were you a wet blanket woman, so why are you not pumping up your optimistic volume I ask?

I do recall it M.C. but vaguely. But as long ago as it was one political
' episode ' I like millions will always remember was the Peterloo massacre, a governmental stain that will never be washed out.

Cheer's all and Ruth.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Aug 2019 20:24

I cringe at the claims to defend "parliamentary sovereignty" being
spouted when that was given away over time without any mandate
from the electorate, not that it was ever sought, you'll remember (if
you are old enough, fellow WOL-ers).

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Rose Casserley

Thu 15th Aug 2019 12:25

sorry, big L, but you'll have to forgive this instance of my being a wet blanket woman re brexing's cos my optimism has gone on one seriously long vacation.

All the same, a grandly patriotic pearler.

Rose ?

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Don Matthews

Wed 14th Aug 2019 23:59

Spoken like a true poet Leon. The question is do people at the wheel take notice of poets?.......

I have said on various occasions change occurs when the masses rise up led by a strong leader.

I see your hand a'rising to the call on my screen here. Don't always take me seriously Leon. I'm told I can be mischievious at times.....?

PS I liked the rhyme interspersed with prose

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Wed 14th Aug 2019 21:15

Cheer's muchly Keith. Hope our Great Brexitations are successfully met. We must remain positive.

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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Aug 2019 21:07

I hope common sense will prevail but with a parliament full of mediocrity I remain concerned. Thanks for this

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