Don's poetic blight plight!!

Poor Don has been suffering from poetic blight

As a good citizen he is spreading awareness around

Symptom and cure are all elisted by this blightful boy

Rehab luxurious already arranged as a mark of concern for us


Donny dear, don't you fear

You are just too fine to be here

So you take a break and visit some Docs

Till then we shall morn your poetic loss


Hope your blightful days are over soon

Speedy recovery a wish from heart comes true

Spread your laughter vibes around the walls of wolz

And make your presence an esteemed occasion to have some fun


◄ Desires!!

Goin' shoppin!! ►



Thu 15th Aug 2019 07:20

Don is on a see saw ride
Swinging between blight and delight
After the luxurious stay at the rehab
He is heading straight towards wolhab


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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 00:43

Thankyou Do.RoThY you're kind
My mantra's always been
On WOL there ain't enough of (What?)
Fun, that's too be seen

My neuron's tell me Do.RoThY
"You can't let WOLers down
We offer to work overtime
Gratis, will not frown"

Do.RoThY I can't refuse
This free neuronic offer
What would my neurons think of me
Not accepting proffer?

Don't worry 'bout me Do.RoThY
Might rehab overnight
Can't stop the daily poem Blight
Keep me away from site.....😛

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