Hold Your Fire

The route old ingenuously my foot treading

The world wonders at my steps wandering

Worthless such they perceive my roaming

The truth within the depths of heart concealing


Shall I share my thoughts or silent remain

I choose the latter for the yearning brain

Sharing feelings true wouldn’t be a thing sane

Though the dreams shall live as seamless aim


 A search, never ending wait

Distorted perception, hidden verity bait

Secret tears dripping through hearts gate

Finding solace whispering words on blank page


Treading the old routes memorable

Enlivens the past personable

Reliving the unspoken words remarkable

Smile rolls, so do tears lamentable


Shall heart cry over fragments?

Shall romanticise longings permanent?

Shall soul create history excellent?

Shall future unfold mysteries brilliant?

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Ghazala Lari

Mon 19th Aug 2019 17:28

Thank you for the likes Keith and Bindu!!

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