evaluating you

without you if only for one day

I would have to struggle-glut on patience

tasting of your sweetnesses.

But should that minimal period extend into foreverness

I would become the sickened animal diseased by loneliness

beyond any other hearts help

worthy only of a quick death.

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Don Matthews

Thu 15th Aug 2019 12:26

By now Rose you will indeed know me
I never mean any disrespect
My heart's always out on my arm here
I hope showing my true aspect

By now Rose you'll also know 'bout my
My frisky tongue-in-cheek way I play
Disrespection is not in my vocabulary
And will never be on WOL any day

D..take care.....

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Rose Casserley

Thu 15th Aug 2019 12:04

no disrespect Raj, Don, Leon, Devon, Do.Rothy, and Lisa, but without wanting to offend you or my open heart, I can admit that I regard this piece as a stop-gap poem

one that you have kindly proved suffices until I can kick start my more inspirationally productive machine into life, hence ( I hope ) my next offering.

In the not so meaning to be mean meantime, my praises belong to you all.

Rose ?

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Wed 14th Aug 2019 20:30

I don't have to struggle at all reading this great poem Rose. Love ( if that's the right word ) the animal analogy.

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Don Matthews

Wed 14th Aug 2019 00:07

sweetnesses?. foreverness? You applying for new-word entries into the New-Age Dictionary Rose?

loneliness? Doesn't qualify. Sorry

Struggle-glut? Now there's a winner

Seriously, I liked it Rose......

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Raj Ferds

Tue 13th Aug 2019 18:37

Are you in lurv Rose?

You seem to have gone off your familiar path. A good thing I'm sure.
"struggle-glut on patience" -- so inventive.

Take care
Raj xx

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