The Sage of Devil's Gulch

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The AAA guide says Jesse and Frank James
jumped Devil's Gulch on horseback to outrun
the Northfield posse. A must see locale.

Though that story has largely been debunked,
Splitrock done built an small tourist industry
around the myth.

Gordy sits all summer long in a cabin
with no A/C, black flies on the screens
like dog hair on a furnace filter.

Gordy sits all summer long in a cabin
with a couple Coleman coolers filled
with all the best brands of soda,

Hawkin' the t-shirts and postcards
he didn't sell last year or the year before,
but that's ole' fly-swattin' Gordy.

He keeps a list of the origins of tourists,
that's all his talk down at the Sports Cabin,
where he sits all winter long.

Between sips and drips of foam above his lip,
he'll say "Norway, Pennsylvania, Mississippi,
Japan, Iceland, Kansas..."

He might ask you if you're gonna eat that.
The pizza got cold anyway - so why not.
Plus he knows what Gloria did yesterday.

He gave a '57 Chrysler to his 10 year old granddaughter,
but she lost it after the divorce.
Her dad signed the title and left the state.

I guess that's about the state of things around here,
disappointed tourists, skunked out beer,
cold pizza, the little girl who lost her
dad and her car on the very same day.

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Devon Brock

Tue 13th Aug 2019 22:06

Thank you, Mae. The place in the photo is within walking distance of my house. My dog and I go there. What is utterly strange is that Devil's Gulch is very unique in terms of flora and fauna, a staggeringly beautiful and compact eco-system. But, rather than use its strange and haunting beauty - particularly now, when eco-tourism is hot, my little town keeps on hawking a debunked old tale. And yes, Gordy is a goofy guy that makes great deviled eggs.


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Mae Foreman

Tue 13th Aug 2019 11:21

I love stories of people! That was a mighty good one. Loved the ending, that last line was great! Good job Devon! 🎈

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