Even frogs are into blogs

they croak about them in

in their soggy alga bogs.

It isn’t like they have much

washing up to do – all they

seem to do is eat and poo

or take a dunk or too, or

catch on sticky tongues

their water hopping prey.

Besides Frogs like to croak

and frisk a lot.  It is something

they do rather well by day,

or night, though flighty bugs

take longer rests, nestling

around noon –  avoiding

danger, keeping out of sight

and if near villages which

boast an ancient church,

frogs dance in tune with bells

at night, though keeping out

of sight, in case a charge of

heresy is brought to bear –

it’s something that a tadpole

or a frog might rightly fear

lest they end up charged

against the canon laws and

transported into France as

delicacies like hors D’oeuvres

for seldom are the frogs released.

Although I did hear of one who

charmed a Princess to his hidey

hole – I think she might have given

him a lusty kiss – but that could all

be hyperbole – yet still – one never

knows the goings-on when yarns or

fairy tales are told, and then retold.



Ghazala Lari

Tue 13th Aug 2019 12:10

a thought provoking piece. introspection is required...(lol) reminds me of a nursery rhyme but with deep thoughts hidden behind.

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Don Matthews

Mon 12th Aug 2019 23:43

Froggie went a'courting
Croak croak croak
Did not see Toad coming, Splat
Cark cark cark.....

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