boarding school regrets

so there you are, as me, aged ten

kneeling with other debonair's to be

for the beneficial status of Dear Mummy and Dear Daddy's sake

( and a smaller religiously unsure portion for God's sake )


In those distant playtimes, you often saw

what the ignorant teachers rumoured to be

' officially uneducated Gypsy children '

clinging to the outside of the wrought iron railed school gate

riding it open and closed, open and closed, open and closed.


But, here I am now in my mid-forties, looking back

and cutting up those pompous rumours into as many pieces as possible

with my metaphorical scissors, now adult common sensed enough to know that

yes! they may have been ' officially uneducated '

but that does not mean by a long shot

that they were not educated in many, many other ways


in the forests, in the hills, in wild, meadows, by the rivers and lakes

in their long road journeys through friendly villages and hamlets.

Each of those children I now see as having been possible, degree holders

in the subjects of all things natural 

life-schooled, learning lessons far beyond the blackboards of life

but just as important as those taught by stern-faced teachers

with their strict rules.


If only I could go back and tell you as me aged ten of this I realise now

then how very much more

wider and deeper and sincerely loving would have been

your heart, mind and soul.


But it wasn't your fault that you had been thoughtlessly dictated to

by the snobberry of those who should have known better

had they not erected high upper-class walls around themselves and you

and who could have had they unlocked their minds

taught you a great deal more about this world, about this planet

but also of all the people, it belongs to


how beneficially easy it would have been for you to throw away those rose-tinted glasses

you were forced to wear, or being enforced to adopt the over-protective 

Dear Mummy and Dear Daddy's lifetime self-centred haughty attitudes

towards the far less financially fortunate than you

you were instructed to look down on,


like the Gypsy children who everything about me now

knows for certain could have been the bringers of your genuine happinesse's

could have made you into a real human being.  







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Rose Casserley

Tue 13th Aug 2019 12:33

haha's first Graham followed by thanks followed by praise for the remnants of the comment.

Ghazala, we are talking wavelengths here are we not? and how important it is especially for people like you in positions of necessary influencing to show the young how to ride them.

Thank you both.

Rose ?

Ghazala Lari

Tue 13th Aug 2019 12:17

a genuine concern, a strong awakening. a change is brought but by thoughts. if the thoughts are generated then change certainly hankers close by.
my boarding memories are far sweeter, may be cuz in there we had more children from the same elite background. so can't really connect to that level.
in my school where i am teaching as of now, students are encouraged to teach and converse with children from not so elite backgrounds and trust me those are delightful moments of my life. such a blend and laughter.
change is around the corner. just need to tap it.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 13th Aug 2019 12:04

Only in your forties! that's a bit early for re-evaluating one's life, theres' still so much more to come, you'll need a re-edit before long. Seriously though, mentally righting past wrongs is rich pasture for poetry. I love the way this rambles on.....a bit like the traveller's children you write about...........a restless spirit yourself?

loved it.

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Rose Casserley

Tue 13th Aug 2019 11:56

nay, revered young Raj,
number ?
imaginary lane
Write out loudsville

moi comprehends the tail end of your very welcome comments while concealing myself from any clerical critique in the cloisters of my mind ( she takes another tranquiliser ? )

cheers for the chuffing to pieces comments and likings also by Dev, Don, lisa, and Heart.

Rose ?

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Don Matthews

Mon 12th Aug 2019 23:49

We may be different. But we are all 'equal'. Yes, well done Rose.....

Devon Brock

Mon 12th Aug 2019 21:06

Well done, Rose.

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Raj Ferds

Mon 12th Aug 2019 20:03

Have you moved to Memory Lane as well Rose?

There seem to be a lot of us rekindling childhood memories.School gates bring them an assortment of memories Some good, some you want to forget el rapido. Those wrought iron gates could trigger off PTSD in some.

Hide, here comes the Parish Priest.

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